Sunday, May 21, 2006

Easy stuff

I always try to find some fool proof method to make an authentic dish.Making stuffed parathas has always been a challenge to me.The difficult part of making the parathas is rolling it without making the fillings leak.
So I found out an easy way of doing it and the parathas look like roti sandwiches but tastes good.
1.We can use grated carrots or beet roots,add chilly powder or spice powder and saute in a kadai.
2 Boi l and mash vegetables like potato,raw banana,sweet potato and add chillies,lime juice
3.make mixed vegetables curry
4.Make thick paste of tomato onion(fried and ground),or garlic,ginger or onion,mint leaves etc
Use one of these or use the left over curries either crushing it in a bender or as they are.
Method of making stuffed parathas:
Roll rotis.
Spread the fillings in one half of the roti and close it with the other part.
Slightly roll the edges thin.
Heat a pan and put the stuffed roti in low flame.use ghee or any cooking oil.
when it has light brown spots turn it and cook the other side.
When it gets light brown spots cut the roti with the laddle you are using.
You get 2 triangular parathas.
Isnt it an easy stuff?


Blogger perspective said...

Well its easy to make paranthas by following the two small tips below

1. let the mixture that you make for stuffing cool completely. i.e. atleast for 1/2 hour spread properly over a partially or totally flat surface..a thali or a pan.

2. Make your dough really soft. If you press your finger into it half your finger should sink in. Yet it should be of a consistency that is easy to roll out.
And let this dough sit in a box in the refridgerator overnight or a whole day. That way the dough will become softer and stringy.

3:54 AM  
Blogger piriyamudan amma said...

Hi Perspective
Thank you very much for your are right.I never let the stuffing cool.
Your blog was very different and interesting.

2:52 AM  

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