Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fruits pulav

Basmathi rice-1 cup
pine apple-3
green chillies-4
cashew nuts
Cook basmathi rice and spread it on a plate.Allow it to cool.
Fry cashews .
break the cloves in to 2 pieces and fry it in ghee.
cut the green chillies'
saute the green chillies
Heat a kadai ,put the raisins and dates and switch off.
Cut the the pine apple and mango in to fine pieces.(see to it that the fruits are not sour at the same time it should not be too juicy.If you cant get the right variety you can add finely cut apples)
Mix all the above with rice and heat before serving.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Macaroni in bean sauce

Macaroni is made from a kind of wheat.Macaroni in bean sauce (protein) can be a nice meal item equal to roti dhal or rice and sambar.

soy bean or any bean variety-1 cup
red chillies
turmeric powder
Prepare the macaronis as per instruction in the packet.Drain and rinse in cold water.
soak the bean for 3 hours and pressure cook till soft.
grind the coconut,fried red chillies,turmeric powder,tamarind and a spoon of cooked bean.
heat a kadai and boil the cooked bean with a cup of water.Add salt.
Add the ground stuff and mix.
Saute garlic in oil and add to the sauce.
Add the macaronis .
This is a carbo protein diet.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Plums laadu

Plums(ripe and sweet)-6
sugar powder
grated coconut(powder it in a blender)-3 spoons
bread slices(not fresh)
Cut the edges of the bread slices.
Wet your palm and try to crumble and slowly powder the sliced bread.
Heat a kadai and roast the bread crums crisp using ghee .
Remove the seeds from the plums and put them in blender.
Mix the sugar powder,raisins with plum paste.
Mix this with bread crumbs.
Pour little milk on a plate.
Wet your palms in this milk and make round laadus.
Instead of making laadus we can make this flat like vadaas and cook in a pan using lot of ghee in low flame.So that we can have hot ,sweet plum cutlets.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Easy stuff

I always try to find some fool proof method to make an authentic dish.Making stuffed parathas has always been a challenge to me.The difficult part of making the parathas is rolling it without making the fillings leak.
So I found out an easy way of doing it and the parathas look like roti sandwiches but tastes good.
1.We can use grated carrots or beet roots,add chilly powder or spice powder and saute in a kadai.
2 Boi l and mash vegetables like potato,raw banana,sweet potato and add chillies,lime juice
3.make mixed vegetables curry
4.Make thick paste of tomato onion(fried and ground),or garlic,ginger or onion,mint leaves etc
Use one of these or use the left over curries either crushing it in a bender or as they are.
Method of making stuffed parathas:
Roll rotis.
Spread the fillings in one half of the roti and close it with the other part.
Slightly roll the edges thin.
Heat a pan and put the stuffed roti in low flame.use ghee or any cooking oil.
when it has light brown spots turn it and cook the other side.
When it gets light brown spots cut the roti with the laddle you are using.
You get 2 triangular parathas.
Isnt it an easy stuff?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

rice cake brunch

Iam giving this recipe exclusively for bachelors who find cooking rice,curry and sambhar laborious and monotonous.
Once a week this can be prepared and have the luxury of eating nutritious and tasty food.

Rice flour-3 table spoons
buttermilk-200 ml
chillies(red or green)
ginger pieces
curry leaves
urad dal
Mix the rice flour with butter milk.Add salt and a pinch of asafoetida
Heat a kadai and Season mustard and urad dal.Add chillies ,ginger and curry leaves.
add the rice flour mixture and keep stirring it.Add some water if it gets thick immediately.Cook till the mixture forms in to a lump.Add oil so that it doesnt stick to the kadai.
Remove from the stove and spread it on a greased plate.
Method 1.
Add the grated carrots,cucumber and pour tomato sauce.
Put thin strips of carrots,capsicum,beans and peas in boiling water.Close it with a lid for 2 minutes and remove the vegetables.Spread it over the rice cake.Top it with soya sauce.
If the rice flour is not available take a cup of rice,2 spoons of red gram,a spoon of cumin seeds and powder it in a blender like semolina.
After seasoning add 3 cups water and pressure cook or microwave.
Spread it on a plate and then add grated cheese or butter(since we have not added butter milk)
Add any sauce or chutney.
Top it with cooked vegetables or salad vegetables like tomato,spring onoin,radish etc.
You can have this item with chipsor pickle.
Cut them in to pieces for convenient eating.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mushroom potato curry

Mushroom-white button type
mint chutney or coriander chutney(available in Indian stores)
pepper powder
curry powder
chopped garlic
chopped ginger
Wash and drain mushrooms
boil and peel the potatos.dice in to cubes.
Heat a kadai.saute garlic,ginger,mushrooms till the mushrooms become brown.Add the potatos.
Add a spoon of chutney,sauce,pepper powder and curry powder.cook for a minute.
Adding butter or adding grated cheese will enhance the taste.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Modak with egg filling

Ingredients for filling
Eggs(4) boiled,shelled and sliced
green chillies(to be cut and mixed with eggs)
mustard and cury leaves for seasoning(to be mixed with egg)
Ingredients for Modak:
Rice flour-1cup
Put enough water in the rice flour and make a thick batter.
heat a kadai and pour the batter and continuously stir till the batter becomes thick like a dough.This may take few minutes.Switch off.
Take the dough and knead it soft without lumps.Smear your palm with oil and make balls.Press the middle with your thumb and shape it like a cup.
Fill it with a spoon of egg and fold it like half moon.Pinch the edges.
Steam cook for ten minutes.
If the Modak shines at the outer it is cooked.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Egg-vegetable salad

Baby potatos boiled and peeled
Baby corn cut and soaked in boiling water for 5 minutes
spring onions peeled
egg boiled and shell removed
baby tomatos
baby raddish boiled in thin tamarind water
pepper powder and corinader powder

Remove the baby corn from water.
Remove the raddish from tamarind water.
slice the boiled eggpieces.
Add baby tomatos and spring onions,egg,raddish ,baby corn and potatos.Mix salt and the powders.
Garnish with celantro
soya sauce or chilly sauce will be the added attraction

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Baby corn ksheer

Baby corns
Milk-1 cup
cardamom powder
roasted cashewnuts
Cut and pressure cook the corns.
Put them in the blender and grind to a paste.
Heat a kadai and put the corn paste.
Add sugar and stir till it melts.
Add milk slowly and cook till the entire milk is absorbed.
Add cardamom powder and roasted cashews.

Monday, May 01, 2006

pasta coconut combo

Pasta(prepare as per instruction ,drain and wash with cold water and again drain)
coconut milk(to be extracted from grated coconut)
red chillies
mint leaves
olive oil
grind red chillies,garlic and mint leaves.
cook the paste in olive oil,slowly add the milk.cook till it is absorbed.
Add this to pasta and mix thoroughly. Top it with boiled vegetables.
Note:since we have added coconut milk adding cheese is optional.