Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tortillas with dal fillings

corn tortillas-4
Grated cheese
dal,salt and red chillies(soak in water for 30 minutes,grind with very little water,mix oil and microwave for a minute or till it becomes dry)(instead of microwave oven it can also be steamed in pressure cooker)
chopped spring onion

crumble the dal with fingers.Add onion and cheese.
Heat oil in a pan.
Place one tortilla,cover with the dal mixture and cover it with another tortilla.
cook both sides till brown.use as much oil as reqyuired.
cut in to wedges.


Blogger Anthony said...

it would be much better if you will also post pictures... This is a great Indo-espanol Dish

12:42 AM  
Blogger piriyamudan amma said...

Thank you.
The filling is actually the southindian paruppu usily.I dont have the facility to post pictures.I will try.
Your mango with jaggery syrup known to me as mango pachadi is my favourite.Yr presentation was nice

2:30 AM  

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