Friday, April 07, 2006

Lentils pizza

Tuvar dal- 1cup
channa dal- 1cup
preparation of pizza base:
Soak the dals for 3 hours.grind coarsely.Add salt

Ingrdients for pizza:
Grated carrots
grateed cheese
bell pepper cut into julienne
dried basil leaves
pepper powder

preparation of lentils pizza:
Take a non stick pan.Heat it.Pour the batter with ladle as we do for dosa.Make a big round,thick dosa.The heat shoul be minimum.Pour oil all round the pan cake.Top it with grated carrots.Put bellpepper on top of the carrots.Again top it with grated cheese.stick the plum pieces here and there.Press all this with a ladle.Cover it with a lid.After a minute,check whether the base is dry .then cook for a minute.remove from the pan with a ladle and cut in to 4 triangular pieces.Garnish with basil leaf.Add pepper powder for taste.


Blogger Lakshmi said...

this one is nice.

8:06 PM  
Blogger piriyamudan amma said...

Lakshmi, Thks

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