Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Noodles Biriyani

1.Mixed vegetables(frozen)
2,Garam masala powder
3.Elaichi,Bay leaf,Saunf(aniseed)Cloves etc
4.Finely cut onion
6.Coconut milk extract or grated coconut(put it in hot water and squeeze out milk)
7.Chinese brand rice noodles packet chillly paste (available as chutney)
9.ginger garlic paste

Take big vessel.Crumble the noodles and pour hot water over it till it is soaked.Cover it with a tight lid.Or Take big Microwavable container put the noodles soaked in water and microwave for 3 minutes(see that the quantity raises).Put it in a colander and drain out the water.
Take a pan.Add a spoon of butter and stir fry onion,spices,chilly paste,ginger garlic paste.Add salt The frozen vegetables can be cooked in the microwave(make a small hole in the packet ot cut the edge)Add the veg in the kadai. pour the coconut milk and cook till the gravy becomes thick.switch off the stove.
Mix the gravy to the noodles or vice versa .Garnish with celantro.


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