Saturday, February 11, 2006

Grapes Rasam

Fresh juices can be made from Fruits like tomato,lemon,orange,grapesand pine apple.For some persons these juices give irritation in their throats.Since c vitamin should be included in our diet we can make Rasam , a south Indian preparation .

1.Extract of Grapes (plums or any sour fruit) - 1 cup
2.Mustard and cumin seeds for seasoning
3.Green chillies and finger(finely cut)(or use the chutney,paste)
4.Lemon(if you can add a cup of mashed dal you can sqeeze a lime)

Take a pan ,season mustard and cumin seeds,saute green chillies and ginger.Add the extract,salt and boil till it bubbles.You can add mashed dal .Squeeze lemon when it is cool.
Do not reheat this rasam.Instead you can put the rasam vessel in a hot water pan.


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