Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bread Paratha

This is exclusively for guys who do not have time and patience to knead and roll the wheat flour for making parathas.Yet you can enjoy and relish the taste of this paratha.

1.Wheat bread-1 loaf
2.Grated carrots(available in any Indian store)
or grate either carrotsor radish.
3.sauce or puree(tomato or green chilly)
4.Paste(coriander,or garlic)

Preparing curry:
Take a kadai(pan) and put the grated carrots,or radish or mashed potatos,or any left over cooked veg.Add salt and garam masala powder.Switch off.
Preparing parathas:
Take a plate.Smear it with oil using your finger.
Take another plate and pour 3spoons of water so that you can wet the bread slice.Pressing your palm over the bread slice squeeze out water.Using a flat ladle which we use for making dosa take out the bread silce and put it on the buttered plate.
Put little curry,a spoon of tomato sauce,green chilly paste over the bread slice. Wet another bread slice as we did before and cover it over the curry.
Press it gently so that the slices should stick to each other.
You can even roll it lightly by applying wheat flour.
Take a non stick pan,heat it,remove the bread parathas from the plate with a ladle and put it on the pan ..

You can also use a plastic sheet ,apply oil and the then keep the parathas instead of plate.In this method,when the pan is hot you should put the plastic sheet upside down,holding the sheet above the pan so that the parathas will fall on the pan smoothly.


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