Monday, January 30, 2006

Oats Upma

I was the one who hated upma a typical south Indian preparation when it was offered by my mom as soon as i returned from school.If I complained then she would say,"oh I have made Aval upma with pepper flavour." After school time was tiffin time. Our weekly tiffin schedule would be,Rava upma,dosai,Arisi upma,Idli,Semia upma,Adai,Aval upma,poori (poori would be replaced with chappaththi,bread toasted with ghee etc) But later, after many years, I found myself making varities of upmas by introducing Idli upma,bread upma for my children) But still upma was not a priority when I had other yummy tiffins before me.
Thanks to the changing scenarios in Chennai ,I have enjoyed eating cutlets,bun butter jam,masaldosai of the sixties,batura chole,samosas of the seventies,bhel puri,milagai bhajji of the eighties,pizza,noodles,pasta,burgers of the nineties.Life was very interesting till I had to undergo a bypass surgery. No salt or low salt,oil free diet made me think of some innovative recipes.
One such is oats upma. Add a cup of water to 2 table spoons of oats,add 1 Chilly(cut),onion,garlic ,grated carrots and keep it in the microwave oven for 3 minutes.When it is done add a spoon of curds.(no salt,no oil).I love this yummy oats upma now.Infact I gave this recipe to my son who is in the USA (of course he could make it wih extra salt) and now it can be certified as a healthy nutritious ,easy to prepare upma.


Blogger kram said...

I am interested to learn how to make oats upma. I am not clear on how to do this witht the instructions provided. can you pls send me a detailed instruction. should we saute the onions? Two table spoons of oats & 1 cup of water ? is that ratio correct for a single serving?

1:56 AM  
Blogger Rams said...

Hi with out Microwaven how i can cook this, and need to know the instruction step by step.. don't take it as wrong i am a new learner

3:34 AM  

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